Reverend Dr. Erica T Mende B.Msc is a Natural, Holistic Practitioner who works for the highest a greatest good of humanity. She got her calling from a Divine unexplainable experience that moved her so and changed her world more than she knew even possible. She says she no longer is the person she once was and that is an unimaginable experience that may be hard to fathom for many, but she felt it and before she knew it her life changed tremendously. She finally was able to go back to school for clinical massage therapy as she tried many times prior and kept getting shut down or turned around until about May of 2018, she finally got in, it was as if God had opened the doors just for her and once she was done (graduated) the campus doors shut for good. Although, through her entire time in school she had been introduced to many new ways of healing without constant man made prescriptions that constantly keep us going to the doctor as we encounter new dis-eases from side effects of certain medicines causing us to have to get more and prescription filled and before you know it you have all these pill bottles. Through massage school she was introduced to Reiki, a form of energy healing (laying on hands), from there she became infactuated with energy as she was able to experience it's effects from a classmate who was already a Reiki Master. Erica loved how touching the body with therapeutic touch and even just hovering your hands over a body can have such natural effects to counteract dis-eases. From there she graduated, obtained her massage license and took Reiki classes and became a Reiki Master herself, through all of this she became super passionate about healing herself as well as others naturally, she also learned about and how to use medicinal herbs, she attended the University of Metaphysics and Sedona and obtained her bachelor's degree in Metaphysical Science as well as her ministerial diploma and certificate and became a Metaphysical Minister which helps her to understand all of the experiences she's had and continues to have she still educates herself in many many other Holistic works to expand her knowledge, abilities, mind and passion. Reverend Erica is also a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Certified Ancestral Healer. She says that since her divine experience or awakening she has been able to communicate with The Divine Source as well as others such as ancestors, loved ones and to help them move on or to help herself and/or others in the physical realm change their mindset (subconscious reprogramming) to help change their way of life for the better which then she explains helps the ancestors (troubled) move on higher into the light, she believes how we live here in this world is caused by the past traumas of our ancestors that have been passed down through our DNA, which is why she encourages self care, self love, natural holistic healing (eating healthier, regular self-care sessions, subconscious reprogramming) these things will help our ancestors releasing the tension stress and burden off of us so we can live a happier fulfilling life on Earth.

Rev. Erica is known by many names by her followers, clients, close friends and the spirit realm(Priestess Yoko Imamu Abena, Iceiss, Erykah Mende, Medicine Mother) Rev Priestess Erykah is deeply rooted in ancient African-Egyptian aka Kush-Nubia-Kemet. She has been given these names by her ancestors and this is how she honors them by sharing the healing power and the true knowledge and wisdom of our culture not just the one race or culture but of all races and cultures as it is said how we are all connected. Ankh Udja Seneb (life, good health and prosperity). There's much to adhere from our Reverend and Priestess aka Goddess a warrior. 

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