The Blue Lotus Flower 

The Blue Lotus Flower is a sacred flower that is great in assisting with the activation of the pineal gland (third eye) and astral projection. This was also used as an herb form; smoked by our Great Ancestors of Kemet and also used as a tea and perfume. This herb assists in activation of the third eye to coincide the Universal Light information and astral projection. For even better results, it works best with "Yohimbine", an Central African Bark to keep the third eye activated.  It is a spiritual flower/herb, helps keep you connected to Spirit, Source, The Divine, God, whichever you'd prefer to call it, (it is all the same divine supreme being from that of creation, we are the made in the image and likeness of It) and it is a beautiful flower.  This is why I chose the Blue Lotus Flower. 

The third eye is located in part of the brain called the Locus Coereuleus and is the most important part.  We must understand Melanin and The Brain, 12 systems or centers of the brain.