Chakra Healing & Balancing Program

This chakra healing program helps keep your chakras and aura , your entire energetic body as well as the physical body in tact, when the energy bodies are aligned, unblocked, balanced and healed the physical body is relieved of the physical tension, pain, dis-ease, stress etc. We must take care of our inner selves as well as we do our outer selves. The program lasts seven weeks, to really bring attention and awareness to the 7 main chakras along the center of our body, focusing on each chakra with meditation, breathwork, exercise, yoga and reiki and more for 7 days each week. For example, we focus on the root chakra for one whole week to ground ourselves, center ourselves, stimulate and charge, activate, this energy center helps us get and stay rooted, connected to the earth, gives you a sense of security and stability, helps you let go of fear, brings things to the surface that you may be unaware of needs to be released, learning to face our fears and truths in order to let them go  so you are no longer afraid and can move on , feel confident in yourself etc. We will also go thru types of diet that you can transition to or add to help activate and make the chakra center strong and flowing as it should. Join us on this beautiful healing journey by the time you reach the end of the program you will see the difference in how you feel, think and move in all aspects of your being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

This program restarts every 3-6 months. Priced at only $17. Every once in awhile we will provide a free or donation based one as Spirit guides us. Join today. Stay tuned for updates for the next run.

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