Reverend Erica

Rev. Erica is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, who has developed the ability to perform house blessings and cleansing ceremonies, as well as baptisms. Rev. Erica gives weekly services as she specializes in Bible Interpretation also. Rev. Erica can counsel and or coach you through many hardships and understanding your purpose and life existence and fulfilling your life goals, plans etc. You may contact her directly to inquire with any questions or concerns and learn more about her Ministry here.


Reverend Erica T. Mende B.Msc

Consult for New home and house cleansing, blessings and protection. Rid your new home of unwanted, negative, old energies from past tenants and that do not belong there and does not serve your highest good of all. 


Upcoming Ceremonies: 



Past Ceremonies:

Performing a New Home cleansing Tuesday afternoon. 11/15.


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