Briana Avant

Going by Bri. Bri is the person behind the music production, helping create beautiful promotional videos for Blue Lotus Healz. She is also an online affiliate marketer, so she also helps with the marketing to drive in new clients and customers. Her passion is music production.

Arletha Winslow-Head

Arletha wears many hats. Arletha is the founder and CEO of (M.O.D.E.) Mommy's On Duty Everyday as well as their sub-company, Naturalethas which creates all natural products and provides Loc services. At her company M.O.D.E. Arletha provides mentoring, tutoring, emergency childcare and community event services to aide in the betterment of communities throughout the Chicagoland area. At Blue Lotus Healz, she lends a helping hand in partnering with us and providing her event services, stay tuned for our annual wellness events coming soon.