Briana Avant

Going by Bri. Bri is the person behind the music production, helping create beautiful promotional videos for Blue Lotus Healz. She is also an online affiliate marketer, so she also helps with the marketing to drive in new clients and customers. Her passion is music production.

Arletha Winslow-Head

Arletha wears many hats. Arletha is the founder and CEO of (M.O.D.E.) Mommy's On Duty Everyday as well as their sub-company, Naturalethas which creates all natural products and provides Loc services. At her company M.O.D.E. Arletha provides mentoring, tutoring, emergency childcare and community event services to aide in the betterment of communities throughout the Chicagoland area. At Blue Lotus Healz, she lends a helping hand in partnering with us and providing her event services, stay tuned for our annual wellness events coming soon.

Nicole Henison

Nicole is a beautiful talented woman, a first time mom, she enjoys time spent with her son, with dreams of starting her own company. Nicole's passion is Make-up, she is an aspiring Esthetician. Her mission is to help individuals enhance their beauty not only with make-up, but by educating them on how to take care of the foundation they already have, i.e their face, for much healthier and glowing, radiant skin. Nicole is the MUA for Blue Lotus team members and would love to become yours as well with just a click of a button she can become your personal make-up artist.

 Cree Chapman

From the south side of Chicago, is Cree. Cree has a Bachelor's in Liberal Studies from the University of Illinois at Springfield. Cree is a Teacher Assistant at Chicago Public Schools but is also an amazing , creative artist, Cree loves to paint and is the CEO/founder of her own brand called, Courage Art Designs. Cree creates the beautiful art for Blue Lotus Healz that helps build confidence and courage to keep prospering, her art speaks to the soul, the innerself.


Bashir Lee

Bashir is the Administrative Assistant at Blue Lotus Healz. His energy is just as vibrant and friendly as the phone holder. His background in Sales and Administration is what keeps BLH thriving efficiently. Reach out to Bashir for all inquiries regarding press, bookings, and general information.